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While you’re flying through space you will be attacked by the giant wale from Pinocchio, Monstro. He will swallow the Gummi Ship. Then when you’re inside you will see Pinocchio throwing things at you. So when you gain control of Sora swim across the wreaked ships (I sure hope that’s water and not saliva) and then go to the ship on the far end with a stair case. Then you will meet up with Gipetto and you will have a chat with him. And while they’re talking you will see Pinocchio run deep into the depths of Monstro, so go and get him.

The Chase

Go to Chamber 1. Then make you way through to Chamber 2. Find the exit to Chamber 3. Go to the exit to the upper-level of Chamber 2. Go to the exit that leads to Chamber 5. Go through the exit to Chamber 6. Go to the upper-level of Chamber 5 so you can now reach the exit to Chamber 4.

There is a Save point here so make sure that you that save your game and then equip some items if you want. Then enter the Bowels.

Boss: Parasite Cage

In this battle all you have to do is attack it, move back then heal. Using the higher ground for healing because he can’t reach you from up here. Now wait for him to swing then go in and fight. Use as many combos as you can so you can take him out quick. Watch out though because if Parasite Cage gets in a few swings and they hit you, he can take a bit of a chunk out of you HP. The only thing I hate about this battle is the fact that Pinocchio is screaming out “Help!” and “Get me outta here!”

Then when you’re back in the mouth of Monstro go over to the ship that Gipetto was on and open the treasure chest there so you learn your first Shared Ability. When you learn a Shared Ability, which is High Jump now you can jump a lot higher. A Shared Ability means that all 3 of the members in your party can use it, so make sure that you equip it from the Abilities menu.

Then when you have tested the High Jump go over the ship hulls and go over to the other side of the mouth from Gipetto’s ship. Then high jump to the platform that is above the entrance to Chamber 1. Jump up the platforms and enter the stomach for another battle with an old friend.

Final Boss Fight

Boss: Parasite Cage (Round 2)

Now the parasite is in his stomach, uh-oh someone going to have a tummy ache. There is no real ‘safe place’ in this battle. The best place to get away though is on one of the higher up ledges on the sidewalls. One of the most deadly attacks is his lunge, he holds onto the floor and kicks you, that’s painful.

When he uses Poison Breath it clouds a lot of area so there is no way of getting away from it. It will slowly take away some Hp for a little while. Not only will his breath do this, but the green stomach acid around the room will also do the same. So don’t stand on it. When he falls back the mouth on his front will open up, revealing a dark core. Lock-On to it and start slapping it around. It will drop some HP Balls every so often. The only other tips I can add are to stay away from the acid and keep your HP high.

When you’re done with Monstro, you will be sneezed all the way back to Agrabah. You can go to the next tournament, which I recommend that you do. Then when you’re done with the tournament take the lower path from Agrabah this time and get ready for the worst music in the game.