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Traverse Town

It seems that Donald and Goofy have arrived in Traverse Town and when Donald looks up into the sky he sees a star go out, this is bad, this is just what King Mickey was talking about. So they go off to find Leon and it seems that Pluto found Sora in an alleyway and wakes him up. So when you get up you will gain control of Sora again and he realizes he has made it to another world.

Go into the Accessories Shop and talk to Cid behind the counter. He will explain about this town and then you can leave. Go behind the shop and go through the doors and you will see a Heartless take the heart from some man. So go back through the doors and then run away from all of the Shadows and back into the Accessories Shop. Then go back out and you will meet up with Leon and then you will have to fight him.


Leon is a tough cookie, but he isn’t invincible. You can take him out, but you are going to be tough so listen up. If you have played FFVIII you will know that you can do more damage when you pull the trigger of the Gunblade, well, Leon does this for every turn. Also, if you are too far away he will cast Fire at you which is hard to dodge if you are not ready. But you can tell when he is going to use Fire because of the sound of charging and by the red glow he gets.

Now you will need to do as many combos as you can before he attacks you and if you need to heal the best thing to do is to run away around the building and heal behind them. Though Leon only walks, he can jump a fair distance so don’t rely on this all the time. If you do manage to beat him you will get an Elixir later, but the story doesn’t change if he beats you.

After the battle you be in the Hotel and here is where you will meet up with Yuffie from FFVII (Aww). Then you will learn about the Heartless, the Keyblade and Ansem. Then when you get control of Sora again talk to Yuffie about locks and then go open the chest on the table. Then talk to Leon and some Heartless will attack the hotel. So get ready to fight.

You will be in the Alleyway where there are plenty of Solider Heartless to fight. Have a go at fighting them if you want. Then when you’re ready go to the Second District and then find the L-Shaped alley that will take you to the Third District. Then you will see Donald and Goofy up in the balcony of a house and they fall down on top of Sora. Then some walls will appear making it impossible to escape. So battle the Soldiers with Donald and Goofy and then the boss will appear.

Boss: Guard Armor

Now Guard Armor is a weird boss. You will need to beat him by attacking him piece by piece. When you attack one piece you will defeat him quicker. I personally start attacking the feet first. You will know when you destroy a piece because a lot of HP Balls will drop everywhere, so make sure you pick these up quickly. Now because Guard Armor has no limps to connect himself he is able to make body parts spilt away. This is both good and bad. Good, because you can focus on one piece easier. Bad, because other pieces can go after you as well. Now when you fight decide on which part you want to fight first (Don’t pick the torso and head because you can’t hurt it until you have destroyed both arms and legs.) Then press the Triangle button until the little icons showing Donald and Goofy are glowing blue. This means that they are helping you attack that part of the body, so it will be destroyed quickly.

Once the battle is over with the boss you will be in the First District will all of the gang. Yu will get 100 munny from Aerith, Yuffie and Leon. You will also get an Elixer if you defeated Leon in your battle with him. Then you will learn Fire Magic from Donald and then Goofy will teach you the Dodge Roll ability. If you have enough AP, you should equip Dodge Roll, it is a very good move. Now you have the option of going around Traverse Town or leaving. You can buy some Potions and other things from the shop next to the Accessory Shop. Then when you’re ready to leave you can use the Save Point in the Accessories Shop or the doors in the First district to leave.

Now you will be on the world map screen. This is where you can choose a level to pick so you can fly there. Pick the world on the top and then fly there in the Gummi Ship.