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Halloween Town

Welcome to the best level in the game this is where you will have alternate costumes so you can fit in with all the other creatures in the game. So when you’re ready go through the gates to the Guillotine Square. Don’t worry about the Heartless. Walk forward to see a cutscene about Jack. Now go to the Lab Entryway.

After some talking you will learn about the plans for Halloween this year on this world. Jack has a theory that if he can give the Heartless a heart he can make them dance for a show. So when you gain control after the talking you can add Jack to your team. Now you to have to find Sally. Exit the Lab and head towards the Graveyard. You should find Sally here and she will give you Forget Me-Not.

Back to the Lab

Return to the Lab with Forget-Me-Not and give it the good Doctor. That should be one more piece to make a heart for the Heartless. Now it’s time to look for the mayor. Go back to the Graveyard. Destroy all the Heartless in the Graveyard so you can examine the big tomb at the far end. Have a look at it and you will be taken to the Boneyard.

Talk to the Mayor and then watch the graves. Examine the graves in the order that the ghosts appear from them. Then the giant pumpkin will blow up. Inside its ruins is the Jack-in-the-Box. This is the last piece o the Heart that you will need so once again, you have to take the item to the Lab. So take the Jack-in-the-Box to the lab once more. Go back to the Boneyard where the Mayor was. Now Examine the giant cat statue to go to Moonlight Hill.

Oogie’s Manor: Final Boss Fights

Defeat the Heartless and get them out of the way, there are a lot here, so be careful. It’s a good idea if you take all of them all out so they won’t annoy you anymore. Then examine the tiny grave at the foot of the hill to go across it. Make your way over the bridge to Oogie’s Manor. Go over the bridge into the door. Light the torch with Fire Magic to go to the upper level. Equip some items to your characters if you wish because your going to be in a fight. Now run all the way to the top to the Evil Playroom.

Defeat Lock, Shock and Barrel (Using Sonic Blade and raving with the ability really helps) then hit the lever with the Keyblade. Go outside the Evil Playroom and jump all the way down to the bottom. Then search around for the Green Door. Then enter it. Then it will be time for another battle so get some items on your guys if you want.

Boss: Oogie Boogie

This is a very easy fight. Just dodge his dice and his blades. When you see the buttons that surround the center pillar light up. Walk on that is nearest to Oogie and you will trap him, then you can belt him because the fences will stop him and the platform will rise so you can reach him. The only attack he can do now is Punch which will knock you off the level when the fences go down.

Boss: Oogie Boogie and 7 Dark Orbs

This is also an easy fight. Just walk up the ramps those are on the ground and work you way up, destroying the Dark Orbs along the way. Watch out for his lantern, the fire will follow you, and can be a pain. You can fight and destroy the lantern but it can be deadly, so just go around them. After the battle you will get a Holy Circlet, Ansem’s Report 7, the Gravity Magic upgrade and the Pumpkinhead Key Chain.

Board the Gummi Ship and head to the next destination.