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Deep Jungle

While you are arriving at the area Sora will fight with Donald on whether they should land on this world or not and the Gummi Ship gets out of control. Sora falls from the sky and lands through the roof of a house. Then when he gets up he goes into a battle with Sabor.


The best thing to do when it comes to fighting Sabor is to keep using combos. If you can keep combos up he will hardly ever get up. Now because Sabor is a cheetah he is very quick, so you need to be just as quick when it comes to fighting up against him.

After the battle Tarzan will save and he will become a member of your party you. When you gain control of Sora again follow him into the trees. In this area there is a Save Point so you can save if you wish and then jump into the open tree log and tree surf all of the way down. Watch out for low branches, you can attack these or jump over the. Jumping over them is a better idea.

The Camp

When you reach the camp go into the tent and you will meet up with Jane and then with Clayton, Donald and Goofy. So after a bit of talking about the gorillas in these parts you will be able to leave the tent and explore the area. Now stay in the Camp and look around the area and find the 6 slides. They aren’t hard to find and when you have them all go back into the tent and show the slides to Tarzan and then you will be able to leave again.

After that is done head in the direction of the table filled with science equipment and go through the exit behind it. This is the Hippo’s Lagoon, nothing interesting here. So climb up the vine on the tree to reach the Vines area. Now you will have to learn how to swing on vines. It’s easy, just walk near one and select to grab onto the vines on the menu. Then just press the :x: button at the right time to jump to the next lot of vines. Then when you have finished doing this you go to the Vines 2 area.

Back to the Tree House

Now you will see a cutscene about Tarzan trying to reason with Kerchak about helping Sora to find his friends. Tarzan is speaking in gorilla so no one understands what he is saying. And being the git that he is Kerchak doesn’t want to help them. So when you can move again climb up the vine on the tree to reach the Climbing Trees area.

Now find the exit of this area, which leads to the Tree House. Now go into the tree house and you will see a cutscene with Clayton trying to shoot a gorilla. Then go over the net and jump down into the trees like last time and then go down and tree slide your way back to the camp.

Head to Camp

Go into the tent for another conflict between characters and then when you leave the tent the Heartless will appear. Weren’t you wondering when these guys would show up? These are Powerwilds, monkey-like Heartless, which are really annoying. They are quick so defeat them quickly. Defeat all of them to get a gummi piece. Then go into the Bamboo Thicket and defeat all of the Heartless here for another gummi.

Then go to the Cliff from here and defeat the Heartless here for yet another gummi. Now go all the way back to the Hippo’s Lagoon and then climb the vine to reach the Vines area. Then wing your way to the Vines 2 area. Then go to the Climbing Trees and defeat the Heartless here to get your next gummi.

Go to the Tree House and defeat the Heartless AGAIN to get ANOTHER gummi and then go to the Tunnel and slide back to the Camp. Then go to the Bamboo Thicket and defeat Sabor and get the White Fang. Then go ALL the way back to the Climbing Trees. Now you will have to attack the giant black fruit hanging from the tree in the middle of the area. Then when you’re done you go back to the Camp by going through the Tree House and Tunnel areas. You should save your progress because you’re going to be fighting a boss in a minute.

Final Boss Fight

Go to the Bamboo Thicket and then to the Cliff.

Boss: Clayton

You will need to keep your combos high and quick when you fight him. He will shoot you if you are too slow. He will jump back and fire you from a cliff if he needs to, just follow him up there and leave Donald and Goofy to take on the Powerwilds.

Boss: Clayton and Stealth Sneak

This is a bit trickier. Lock on to the Stealth Sneak and keep attacking it until Clayton falls off. The easiest way to see Stealthy is to look at his shadow on the ground. When Clayton falls off Stealthy, use that same tactics that you used on him last time. When he is down, focus of Stealth Sneak. Attack him on the sides if possible, get as close as possible and hit with many combos, this way you will dodge most of his attacks.

Now you could defeat Clayton or defeat Stealthy first. If you defeat Clayton first the battle will be over, so you don’t have to defeat Stealthy, but you will get more EXP.

When the bosses are defeated you will learn Cure Magic and then the gorilla family will thank you by throwing you to a higher ledge. When you can move again go into the cave. In here is where you can get some good things, so make sure that you pick them all up. Then continue to climb up all of the rocks until you find a cave, so go inside and you will find the Keyhole for this world. Then you can lock it. Then Tarzan will give you the Jungle King Key Chain and you will also learn Red Trinity Smash.

Now it’s off we go back to Traverse Town with the Gummi Ship. So find a Save Point and make you way there.