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Disciples of the Land – Botanist

The botanist has a close relationship with all plant life. They are tenders of gardens as well as loggers. They look after fruit trees and flowering shrubs. They protest the exploitation of plants by fellow realm-dwellers and seek to educate others on the proper care and use of plants.

In order to become a botanist, this is not one of the positions you simply select when you first start the game. Instead, you must become a botanist after the game starts, when your character has enough experience and is able to do so. A botanist is a gathering individual who is able to easily harvest resources from plants. While you can still harvest items from plants as a non-botanist, you are going to find it more beneficial and you are able to obtain more useful items from the plants. This is what makes it so attractive to do so.

When you gather raw material from plants, you are able to use it in conjunction with different classes, including being a weaver, culinarian, alchemist or carpenter. All of these different classes are going to use materials you obtain when being a botanist, so by combining the different assets and attributes, you can build your character even further.

While you are not able to become a botanist right off the bat, you can do so, once you have reached level 10 in your current quest. You need to head over to the Botanist Guild in order to request admission. This is located in Gridania.

When you start to level up after you have become a botanist, you are going to have access to a wide range of new skill sets. Most of these are simply going to allow you to improve your ability to harvest goods from the ground. For starters, in your first level up you receive a Triangulate feature, which is going to give you the ability to survey the landscape and find vegetation that you can obtain raw materials from. By the time you are at level 20, you received Nophica’s Ward, which increases your yield by four.