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Disciples of the Hand – Leatherworker

Some warriors need lighter protection than armorers can offer. That is where the leatherworker comes in. They are skilled in turning hides into light, flexible outfits worn by combatants. Among the most desirable pieces are those crafted by the Elezen. Though, recently, their closely-held secrets have been released.

Leatherworker is a “Final Fantasy XIV” class, that has a lot of money-making potential for an industrious worker. They craft leather clothes, armor, and accessories out of pelts and skins. Their goods are perfect for beginning players, that lack the money needed to buy heavier goods.

Available Job

The Leatherworker is a “Disciple of the Hand,” meaning that they cannot have a separate job. This allows you to focus on improving your skills, without worrying about specializing in specific jobs. Leatherworkers can create hand tools, armor, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and exclusive leather gear, such as pouches and saddles. There are 168 available recipes for the Leatherworker.

Basic Skills

Crafting classes, like Armorers and Leatherworkers, have many of the same basic skills. These skills include “Basic Synthesis,” a skill that increases your armor progress, or “Basic Touch,” a skill that increases armor quality. The only things that differ in these classes are the ingredients used in recipes, as well as some of the higher level skills.

Stats to Build

You should focus on “leather crafting” as one of your main stats, as well as your physical strength and accuracy. Boosting these stats are essential for all crafting classes. However, stats such as “precision” are especially important for the ambitious Leatherworker.

Money Making Potential

The secret of making money with the Leatherworker class, is to focus on bulk crafting. Your leather works aren’t going to have the high prices that come with stone or metal-based crafts, but it’s easier to acquire the goods needed for your items. In the time it takes an Armorer to make one set of steel armor, a Leatherworker could make five sets of leather armor. Your prices may be lower, but if you focus on selling in beginner friendly areas, you can make a lot of money.