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Disciples of the Land – Miner

Miners excavate the mineral resources in the realm. They handle such materials as raw ore, fossils, gems, etc. Tasks include everything from prospecting to large-scale feats of engineering. Only few are able to master the most advanced techniques. Many miners are wanderers.

Miners are one type of the Disciples of Land, apart from Botanist, and Fisher. This class handles the excavation process of Eorzea’s minerals. A Miner’s job is to search for excavation sites, with the goal of finding the richest deposits to mine. This job class is capable of determining where the nearest deposits lie, how much may be mined, and what level of mineral or ore is located in the deposit.

A Miner’s tools are pickaxes and sledgehammers, and they are capable of carrying a primary and secondary tool, armor on their head, body, hands, legs, and feet, and accessories from earrings to rings.

Miners have traits specific to their class. The level 2 trait Auto Prospect allows the player to automatically search for nearby deposits; Stone Whisperer (level 11) helps the Miner to identify the details of an excavation site and may also increase the amount gathered. Stone Whisperer II (level 16), III (level 21), and IV (level 26)are more precise traits than the original Stone Whisperer and may result in increased HQ as well as ore yield; Enhanced Stealth (levels 18, 28, and 38) allow the player to avoid a greater range of enemies while employing Stealth; Ward of the Twelve I allows the player to gather crystals, and Ward of the Twelve II allows the player to gather clusters.

The Miner has abilities specific to his/her class. Prospect (level 1) is offered to all classes and allows the player to survey the land; Lay of the Land (level 3) must be used with Prospect and locates the nearest deposit within the player’s skill range; Sharp Vision (levels 4, 5, and 10) increases items attainability; Preparation (level 12) shows the requirements for HQ items; Unearth (levels 15 and 35) increases the chance for the player to attain items; Nald’thal’s Ward, Thaliak’s Ward, and Byregot’s Ward (each level 20) respectively increase shard yield for fire, water, and lightning; Deep Vigor (level 23) cannot be activated until after chain #5 and increases the chance of attaining items by 100%; King’s Yield (levels 30 and 40) increases the amount of items attained; Toil of the Mountaineer (level 43) causes all items to become reachable.

Miners are offered fifteen Levequests and seven class quests, ranging from level 1 to 30. There are multiple opportunities to level up, and a Miner can be self-sustaining if he finds large enough deposits.