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Disciples of the Hand – Goldsmith

Goldsmiths are masters of working gold and other precious metals extracted by miners. They create works of great beauty that attract distinguished buyers everywhere. Their pieces are of so much value that goldsmiths typically have a strong sense of market trends. This makes them capable jewelers and traders.

The huge variety of classes in “Final Fantasy XIV” make it appropriate for a wide group of players. Players not interested in combat, can actually make a lot of in-game money by focusing on classes in the “Disciple of the Hand,” such as the Goldsmith.

Available Jobs

Goldsmiths don’t have an upgradable job: instead, this class is a job itself. They work with gold, precious metals, and other stones to create a wide variety of different decorative armors, clothes, weapons, and other items. They focus on exploring, gathering metals, and crafting items. Goldsmiths can craft 241 different recipes.

Standard Skills

All “Disciples of the Hand” have the same basic standard skills. For example, the Goldsmith can use “Basic Synthesis,” a skill that increases item progress. “Basic Touch” increases the quality of your items immediately, while “Master’s Mend” increases its durability. Goldsmiths also have the skills necessary to craft a wide range of crafting tools, such as hammers and anvils.

Available Items

The Goldsmith makes items similar to other crafting classes, but they use high quality material, such as a diamond helmet that protects from nearly all head damage. They can also craft amazing golden rings and bracelets, that give characters a whole new look and style. The Goldsmith varies a little from other crafting classes(weaver, blacksmith, and leatherworker, and armorer), in that many of the items it crafts are more for decoration, rather than utilitarian, purposes.

Money Making Abilities

The Goldsmith can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the patient gamer, especially gamers that are looking to make a lot of money. But, “patience” is the key word with the Goldsmith. The Goldsmith has a variety of quests that can build its skills, and help it find the materials necessary to build high price items. However, finding the high value materials you need takes a lot of travel and, yes, patience.