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Disciples of the Hand – Weaver

Sometimes, particularly in the case of magic-wielders, cloth armor is all that is desired. Weavers are exceptionally capable of crafting these garments. Not only do they weave the final products, but they are also responsible for creating the raw materials, as well. A good weaver is highly regarded.

Weavers in FFXIV: ARR are one of the eight crafting classes in the game. You can begin leveling crafting classes upon reaching level 10. To become a Weaver, seek out the Guildmaster who is located in the Weavers’ Guild in Ul’dah.

Weavers take cloth and weave it into useful equipment for cloth-wearers such as Conjurers, Thaumaturges and Arcanists. They also create key cloth armor pieces for other combat-oriented classes and gathering classes. The specific equipment Weavers can make include Disciple of War DPS chestpieces and legs as well as Disciple of Magic headpieces, chestpieces, legs and belts. They create cloth armor for gathering classes including headpieces, chestpieces and legs.

Leveling a Weaver

To level a Weaver, you’ll begin at level 1 and must level through crafting. You can easily reach level 10 by using materials off the nearby vendor, but afterwards you’ll need to utilize items found elsewhere in the game. The two gathering classes you should grab are Botanist and Miner.

To craft, open up the Crafting Log and make sure you have enough raw materials. Each time you craft an item there is a progress bar. You may have to use the craft ability more than once to fill this bar completely. Crafting can fail, which is why it’s often useful to equip items specifically for crafting. Determination is also a useful stat.

It’s possible to craft high quality (HQ) items. Using HQ materials offers the best chance of success. By default, the success rates of crafting HQ items is fairly low.

Durability also comes into play when crafting. Durability is essentially the number of times you can craft the item before it will fail. As you craft more items, you lose durability. To counter this, you should vary the items you craft as well as take advantage of any crafting abilities that regenerate durabil