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Disciples of the Land – Fisher

Like miners and botanists, fishers are harvesters. They specialize in catching both marine and freshwater life. Fishers ply their trade on seashores, river banks, and boats. Time and place are the beginning of their worries. Anglers must also take into account the equipment and bait they use.

Rank 1 Abilities:
Deft Grasp – Temporarily increases Dexterity.
Solid Reason – Temporarily increases Piety.
Llymlaen’s Ward – Temporarily increases chance to obtain Wind Crystals.
Thaliak’s Ward – Temporarily increases chance to obtain Water Crystals.
Truth of Seas – Increases chance of obtaining crystals.
Master of Fish – Increases chance of obtaining high quality items.
Clever Arc – Slows the rate of a gathering location’s remainder decrease.
Gulleye – Survey for Grade 1 schools of fish.

Shared Class Skills: Any class can be a Fisher. Fishers are a type of discipline and the skills are not shared with any other discipline.

Product Creation: Fishers are gatherers of mainly fish and crystals. Their bounty can be sold almost anywhere and used by anyone, but Fishers have the most interaction with Chefs and Goldsmiths.

The Fisher is an extremely self-sufficient discipline. This includes Botanist and Miner. Fisher can catch marine life or items while fishing to use as future bait. Besides the initial buying or finding of decent equipment for higher priced catches, a Fisher will typically not require any further assistance. This means that a Fisher has more potential for profit, provided that a player can actually catch something. The power toward that profit can be incredibly high, but there are several factors that can affect this. For instance, having the right abilities for finding better items and higher levels for bigger catches. In order to improve a Fisher, one must simply fish, which makes the process of leveling extremely easy, but sometimes slow.